JOONGHO CHOI STUDIO introduced an installation of 2017 new products, 3M™ FASARA™ Glass Films. The new 3M™ FASARA™ 2017 Glass Films allow you to stylishly tailor the amount of privacy space possesses with strong functionality, its own sensitivities, and refined patterns in detail. 
Our studio suggested new possibilities of the Glass Films, whose motive derives from “A Forest”.

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A Snow Flake is either a single ice crystal or an aggregation of ice crystals that falls through the atmosphere.The design of the snow flake unit started from thinking of how the pure crystal is created. The snowflake can be easily made by anyone; just put eleven straws crossed to each other and wrap the center of the straws so they split apart. This project is focused on presenting a natural winter image by creating snowflakes in shapes that are not ...

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Designer Joongho Choi and Florists Style Jieum, as collaboration partners, participated in
Busan Design Festival held by Design House. As selected designers by Design House, the collaboration project was proceeded with a theme, “My house as a Hotel Room”.
We consulted a design concept for a cozy and freewheeling living space based on natural materials by combining a comfortable indoor space design and natural outdoor space with elements such as plants and nature.

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Joongho Choi was awarded as a designer of the year selected by Design House; he honorably undertook a design work project on a theme “My lovely House” for a special exhibition in Seoul Living Design Fair. Joongho Choi Studio team set to work on designing for a bathroom space among the choices of four sections, including a workplace, living room, gardening kitchen, and bathroom. Our studio suggested adopting a special curation for the bathroom space for the exhibition site; it is not only just a space for having a bath but feeling refreshed.

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