Museum für Angewandte
Kunst Frankfurt, Germany


Joongho Choi has been invited to Korea Design Power exhibition at Frankfurt am Main: Museum of Applied Art, Germany. This exhibition opens from 26th of April to 25th of August and In addition to his works, many of Works from Korean designers will be introduced.


최중호는 독일 프랑크푸르트 응용미술관에서 주관하는
'Korea Design Power' 전시에 초청되었다.
4월26일부터 8월25일까지 하는 이 전시에는 최중호의 작품들을
비롯하여 한국디자이너들의 작품들을 함께 볼수 있다.


MAK Gallery 01


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MAK Gallery 03

MAK Gallery 04



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