The SEVENTY STUDIO, located in Haebangchon area in Seoul where small buildings are gathered.
The store visually looks small-scale from the outside view but has a structure that allows the entire space at a glance. In consideration of this space’s structure, we have designed an atmosphere that can convey the image of the brand with various elements that make up the product and space.
The space’s atmosphere is focused on expressing natural and relaxed product displays and the brand’s distinct sensitivity to its entire atmosphere and personality of its brand.
It reflects the brand’s philosophy, which is natural and comfortable by nonchalantly putting the jeans on the ceiling and puts the lounge sofa and bench in front.

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CHANOU, located in the center of Cheongdam-dong in Seoul, Korea, is a French bistro run by chefs, Chanoh Lee and Mathieu Mores. We have reinterpreted the space by adding urban and cool modern sensibilities reflecting the characteristics of a classic style and streets with dense fashion brands that fit in the concept of the French bistro.

The atmosphere of CHANOU is shown differently every hour by having a natural lighting only from the south and a deep space structure in the opposite direction. The atmosphere changes from day to night, reflecting the characteristics of its space. We have created an atmosphere that makes people feel cozy with plenty of light to enjoy their meals in daytime and then dark and relaxing in the evening to have their drinks and dinner like a lounge.

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Faye and Summer is a restaurant located on the 2nd floor of Alex 72 hotel, Suwon, Korea.
The space is divided into three areas.
The first is the dining hall which gets the natural lighting through tall glass doors.
The first dining hall is located next to the entrance so that it can maximize the first impression of the space with bright ray. Materials, colors and finishes have been chosen precisely to express modern but comfortable environment.
The next is the second dining hall located one level higher, providing warm environment.
A comfortable and natural atmosphere can be found by placing wooden furniture, flower and plants around the area. The contrast between these two dining halls is the main interior concept of Faye and Summer.The third area consists of rooms for group guests.

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JOONGHO CHOI STUDIO designed the space design project of a café called AQUI
located in Shin-dong, Suwon, Korea. Our goal in this space design project was to give novelty
into the space in the context of architectural design.
As it is critical to reveal the symbolism of the building in this project,
we focused on bringing novelty out to the natural materials
and the expressions of the design finishing, including the bricks used in the construction.

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Bover Lounge is one of the special places that appreciate the views through changing seasons at Namsan, one of the symbol of Seoul
Bover Lounge introduces the space which can enjoy new American style food and beverage and living products created under the concept of Bover.
The space created by the collaborated work of Flux & Company and designer Joongho Choi connects its atmosphere with the lobby of the State Tower to provide more active but more aesthetic at the same time.

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DTHRONE Showroom & Café, located in Seokchon Lake, Jamsil, Seoul, KOREA, has been introduced by the project with Joongho Choi Studio,
from the DTHRONE 3rd generation mobile design to its gallery space. 7m tall and 30cm wide glass windowed wall is set on the lake side to bring natural atmosphere to the space.
The interior was designed from the consideration of the dynamic changes through seasonal lightings and views to mix with classic and modern taste of DTHRONE.

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Ezer coffee is the professional brand for meeting the customers` needs based on the district of Seongsu-Dong,which is to help various costumers enjoy their life style with a good coffee in the collaboration with the studio of Joongho Choi considering the harmonization between people and space. The branch of Ezer coffee of Seongsu-Dong constructed on the first floor for experiencing a beautiful view with a genial sunshine is located in near Seongsu-Dong station within 5 minutes.
The interior design of Ezer coffee branch to reflect a better lighting is to make the best use of forming natural and bright atmosphere by toning down white color on the stage and the wall with the texture of a material.

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Chez Blanc, - a pop-up restaurant that will be open for only three months as one of Banyan Tree Club & Spa’s winter seasonal promotions, was designed by JOONGHOCHOI STUDIO.
Snowflake units that were created during the winter decoration project with Banyan Tree are stacked up on top of the restaurant tent to provide winter images and warm vibe; the Christmas tree was also made only with these units. Chez Blanc is a low budget project initiated by Leo Kang who is a star chef and an executive in F&B in Banyan Tree Seoul to provide opportunities to dine around the ice rink.

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