DEVO - Moon / 2013

Material : Aluminum
Category : Push&Pull Doorhandle

Client : Devo


Joongho Choi designed push&pull door handle opening the door with one touch developed by Devo company.
Devo door handle let the customer open the door with completely different to existing door handle.
Push&pull system provides easier door opening mechanism.
Devo products (push&pull system) enable Joongho Choi to create new type of design which differ to the existing oval&bar type door handle.





Devo Moon - Color Variation



Operation Image



A universal design that proves easy for anyone to use.
Devo door handles are convenient for people with any physical disability.
Our products can be customized to meet specificrequirement such as in hospitals, schools or public areas.
We can offer any design to meetspecific requirements



Innovation in materialshas led to increased lifefor the product while exterior products have been reinforced with an aluminum alloy.

Devo’s original aluminum alloy technology enhanced the benefits of previous materials while overcoming their defects.
Devo has created better processes, corrosion resistance and added an improved antimicrobial function.
Also the” feel” of aluminum metal was brought to life allowing a more sophisticated exterior design.




Devo Moon - Pull Assembly


Study drawings for the DEVO Moon.



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