EARING / 2017

Creative Director : Joongho Choi
Designer : Miran Jeong
Category : Pendant Lamp

Personal Work


We designed the lighting by embodying the earrings that possess a sense of femininity.
This light shows the beauty of balance that occurs when the earrings are being worn.
The metal decor around the light source makes the light rich and colorful through reflection.
The EARRINGs are designed in two types: a large-arched type and a small-arched type so that they can be used in regard to space sizes and purpose.

최중호스튜디오는 여성미가 느껴지는 귀걸이를 형상화하여 조명을 디자인하였다.
이 조명은 귀에 귀걸이가 걸렸을 때 생겨나는 균형감의 아름다움을 보여주며 광원 주변의 금속 데코들의 반사를 통해 빛을 풍성하고 화려하게 만들어준다.
이어링은 공간 크기와 목적에 따라 사용 되어 질 수 있게 큰 아크로 구성된 타입과 작은 아크로 구성된 타입, 두가지로 디자인되었다.






The small size type EARRING shows the design
and size suitable for commercial space and residential space.





A display of EARRING, at the French bistro restaurant in Seoul, Korea,
that is a customized type with a special design and size to fit into the space of CHANOU.



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